Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Gay Virus

What could they be thinking?

An interesting article in one of the leading newspapers here had me pondering the writer's rather refreshing views on homosexuality in Malaysia. This is what he says when questioned about his book on tantric sex.

How can it be published in a country that is so sexually uptight that it views homosexuality as a threat to the nation. Incidentally, I have never quite figured out how a gay minister is a greater threat to the nation than a corrupt minister.

Seriously, I always wonder what the deeply conservative section of the nation is thinking? We have all heard about how allowing gays to exist would lead to a serious decline in the moral values - and therefore lead to the downfall of the nation. How they would rather flip over and die rather than have a gay minister.

Really? Do we truly stand on such weak ground that a tiny gay minority ( I seriously refuse to believe there is as many as 10%... it's probably less ) can lead to such depravity and licentiousness that the whole nation would fall into the immoral abyss? Are the straight men so weak in their sexual identities that a fag slinking by with a feather boa would tempt them to lose control? Or do they believe that homosexuality is really a disease - perhaps even a rampant viral infection that would lead to a radical mutation in the chromosomes leading to a change in their sexual identities upon contact? Hell, if that were true, I'd be much too busy converting gorgeous straight men ( ie Chris Evans - hell, I might as well start with the best ) into the pretty pink fold to write this blog.

And the question of a gay minister? Anything wrong with that? Is it possible they believe that a gay minister would be far too limp-wristed and too involved with the colour of his tie ( hopefully matching the decor in hallowed parliamnent ) to field questions on socio-political issues? Or perhaps far too busy fornicating in the mindless orgies gay men are infamous for ( if so, why am I not invited! ).

Sure they might deem it an affront against their religion - and I wouldn't fault them for it since a large number of religious doctrines still frown on sweaty man-on-man action. Taking a throbbing 12 incher up the arse does seem a little crazy sometimes - and let's face it, unnatural. After all, the fornicating homos in Sodom were still drowned in an act of God for whatever reasons. But hell, am I inviting them to join in? Have I sent fliers to little children to buy tickets to the event? Are there packs of wild, orgiastic gay men hunting the grounds of the mosques and churches trying to draw the poor innocent priests and imams into their wicked, licentious embrace?

Seriously. What are they thinking?


hrugaar said...

Interesting little tale, the fall of Sodom. Two angels turn up at Lot’s house, in the guise of men. The citizens come round and want to have sex with them (angels obviously want to appear as cute hunks, lar!). Lot, being the upright enlightened guy that he is, protects his guests ... and offers the citizens his two virgin daughters instead! How enlightened of him. Of course that doesn’t happen, and Lot and his family escape the city (losing the wife along the way, because she has the temerity to show natural feminine curiousity and sneak a peek at what God does to the city ... bam! pillar of salt for you, ma’am). Then the two daughters get fed up of having no men around, so they get Lot drunk and take turns to sleep with him, both ending up pregnant by their father. Oh yes, some good old-fashioned family values there. :oD

But I digress. It seems to me that the political outrage against gay immorality is to some extent on a parallel with the attitudes to smoking and drinking. No, seriously. The government (over here at least) campaign more forcefully about smoking than about alcohol abuse, because the tide of public opinion is less overwhelmingly weighted against them. Trying to attack all sexual immorality (gay, straight, whatever) is hitting a stone wall. So you target the social sub-group (alternative sexualities), already stigmatised to some extent, and hope that some of the general lessons about immorality will be learnt by the rest of the population along the way. It’s expedient, and largely (to my mind) hypocritical. (They used to target women as being the source of all licentious corruption, but they wouldn’t get away with that in the West nowadays!)

If taking a throbbing 12-incher is crazy, then maybe we could all do with a little craziness. ;oP

lost in the gay woods (LTGW) said...

its kinda discriminating, but well, every one of us should be equiped with this: Gays are allowed in Malaysia, just that. The Malaysian Constitution even gave us the assurance on protecting on our rights.

Shigeki said...

That's so great that the newspaper even addressed that issue over there. The thing is "Gay" doesn't exist where I live. More likely, they just ignore it. So they don't really bring it up on the newspaper ever.

By the by, that guy reminds me of Prince Harry.

Chaichakri said...

Being GAY is not the end of the world, and it is not a multi-level marketing game either...... You are who you are!

I doubt it is a member get member thingy.... hee hee! Nonetheless, the nation should always enshrine its secularity as defined in its 1957 constitution!

canardbidon said...

gay men are intelligent, charming, good-looking, humourous and have excellent taste - where got virus have all these symptoms one?

politicians are deluded. they should contend with cleaning up their own backyards before venturing to poke their noses into people's bedrooms.

But take heart my brothers, the time shall come when we will rule the world! (we already do lah, but only in secret)

Pete said...

I guess it's another form of witch hunt and to control the majority.

Just blame a certain group of people for whatever problems that happen. That will pleased the suffering majority, regardless of whether it's wrong or righ, whether it will actually fix the problem. Plus it gave the power to the authorities and the illusion to the public that the people in power Do something to tackle the problem and not just corruption

husz said...

being gay isnt perfect. dude, i am one of those horribly shaming gay guys who doesnt know how to dress.. is a right slob and fat some more.

But i do give good head and love to dance. anyway, you are right dude... a gay minister is much more preferred to a corrupt minister. all this hoo haa... but actually, I find (not 100% true) that if people get to know you, even when they know u are gay, they wont mind that much. I know coz i am out at work and its weird and crazy but most people just ignore the fact, a few gems delight is asking for tales lol

Pete said...

BTW Paul, when will you post Marine story?? :) Would it ready this Weekend?

james said...

Packs of wild, orgiastic gay men...mmMMMmm, I'd go to church more often if they had that, lol.

But what hrugaar said makes sense. Also, looking at the state of the country, getting rid of corrupted ministers would
a) leave us with no one (haha)
b) take too much time and energy (in their perspective anyway)

So, by targeting a gay minister, I suppose they hope to give the impression that they're not just stting on their hands. I guess the sad thing is that some people fall for it.

savante said...

ru, always knew you'd have something witty to say :) And I totally agree that all of us should be exposed to some 12 inch madness, painful though that might be.

lost, you sure we're protected under the Constitution? Surely not all of us.

Gay men don't exist in Japanese society! I am shocked, shigeki.. especially with the wild goings-on in anime/manga.

Kit, I wish they'd remember the secular part more often.

canard.. why am I not good looking too. Hell, I might be straight.

Sounds just about right, Pete. Still cleaning up the Marine story :)

What happened to your recent pastry thing, husz?

If the packs of wild orgiastic gay men were true, I'd become a priest, James :)


Ban said...

Heya Paul! Found your bloggy- guess who pointed it out to me?

Wait, I'm supposed to leave a comment. *cough*
Eh, whole thing was just to put away Anwar - old Dr M doesn't really care about us gays. Not without her daughter breathing down his neck - remember the attempt to conduct a gay hunt that the The Malaysian AIDS Council squished? She's on our side, yet she supported her father during the Anwar trial...political.

savante said...

Daniel! I am stunned. Is the world so small?


weeshiong said...

Haiya... of course we've been standing on loose moral grounds all these years. These are the same straight men who lose control when they see women with hair and people hugging in public. Obviously they'd lose control more easily around men who get sexual with other men.