Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Peek out of the Closet

For someone voluntarily exiled to a remote forgotten outpost in the tropical jungle, I have to admit I have never ever had a more gay life. Hard to remain steadfastly in the closet when you have someone adamantly homosexual like Fabulous Felix prancing around on his disco-dancing rainbow unicorn beside you. So bonny, blithe and gay that it makes you wonder why anyone would even bother hiding.

Sometimes though I tend to forget that some of my resolutely closeted gay brethren are still struggling with intricate issues nearly impossible to unravel in a lifetime. Chief amongst them would be those thorny religious issues - and most would already know what the collective Judaeo-Christian faiths think about homosexuality! Less generous hugs and welcoming kisses, more fiery brimstone and pointy pitchforks.

Or at least the more intolerant, doggedly orthodox doctrines.

Which is why I found myself agog when one of my oldest friends finally came out to me - someone I half expected would soon be joining a seminary - despite years of my suspecting that he wasn't entirely straight. Rusty gaydar might be slightly wonky but it still manages to ping correctly once in a while.

Is it the right time to come out of the closet?

I'll admit I was a bit blasé when he said it since I pretty much figured that out. As it turns out while I was being unabashedly gay at work, Jocund Jonah was instead battling his inner Barbra Streisand - with Jesus and his apostles on the other side of the ring judging unfavourably. Hence the dilemma.

Jonah : There's this internal struggle especially with religion. 
Paul : So that's your metaphorical whale!
Jonah : Something like that yes. 
Paul : You do know there's at least a ten percent chance of being gay in any given population? So at least one of the Apostles has to be gay. 
Jonah : Never thought of it like that. 
Paul : Bet it's St Paul. 
Jonah : True, the thorn in his flesh. 

Took Jonah all of forty years to be expelled from the metaphorical whale into the open - and now he is out and proud. Well at least to a selected few. Baby steps I guess.

Next step would be stepping out as a gay man. Still undoubtedly freaked out by the wildly salacious nature of our homosocial apps but Jonah's somewhat willing to give it a try, despite knowing that laying himself out there on the notoriously judgemental meat market isn't all that easy. Especially at our age.

But better late than never I say.


Anonymous said...

It's not always easy for someone to come of the closet. This can be for a variety of reasons, and all important for the individual involved. This needs to be respected.

lostman said...

baby steps .... and I agree with what anonymous wrote... different reasons for remaining in the closet. Most important is self acceptance.

savante said...

Very true, anon.

He's taking his time with that but getting to terms with it pretty fast, lostman!