Monday, March 02, 2015

The Secrets of Miss FOMO

Interestingly, FOMO or the Fear of missing out is defined as a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent; a social angst usually characterized by a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing.

Incidentally a fear we've long associated with one of our dear friends here - no one else but the inimitable Mad Madison. Our Miss Fomo fights for truth, justice and liberty with only one fatal Kryptonite being her inexplicable inability to be left out of missions. Frequently sequestered in her secret headquarters for work of her own accord, she finds herself sending weepy emojis about missing out on gatherings. Not only does that lead her to immediately confess to the most peculiar sins, that fear of missing out also reveals some of her hitherto unknown pastimes from the unexceptionable such as rock climbing to the more novel, at least for her, such as photography.

Paul : I'm sure we've pretty much established that everyone has a hobby.
Kat : Well, not Madison. I think Madison's hobby is work.
Paul : Yeah, work is her hobby. 
Madison : No! I have a hobby! A real one. I like photography.
Paul : Wut.
Kat : Did you just make it up? 
Madison : No! I've always loved photography! Always!
Paul : I've never seen you with a camera. Not once.
Madison : I do! I bring it everywhere!
Paul : An invisible camera?
Kat : Let's give her this one.
Madison : I took a picture of her!
Paul : With the invisible camera?

Yet Madison still insists that her true calling is photography, although none of us have yet seen any tangible proof of such other than five snaps on Instagram. Listening to her describe her lifelong passion, you would almost expect Madison to have several high-end Leicas and Hasselblads stashed in her bedroom, along with a secret annexe remodelled for her personal dark room to develop her sensitive photographic materials.

Now that I've got everything set up, they have to believe me! I am not Miss Fomo!

Could she be our hidden Leibovitz? Knowing how oddly determined our Madison can be, I wouldn't be surprised to find that she has set up a photography studio on main street with her name brightly emblazoned in blinding neon so we don't miss it.

Then this conversation came about just last night.

Friend : So how did you guys all meet?
Paul : Oh I met Felix through his blog.
Kat : Not all of us have blogs though.
Paul : Well I do. As well as Felix.
Kat : Only the two of you.
Madison : Wait, I have a blog too!
Paul : Wut.
Madison : It's always been around!
Paul : Circa 2015?

Really? Where! I have some serious doubts though. Certainly the first I've heard of it despite the fact that she astonishingly stumbled upon the existence of my blog about a month back with nary a peep of her owning one herself. Perhaps our Miss Fomo to the rescue again?


Jaded Jeremy said...

Ahhh it's been a long time since I met such person. Every topic, he/she has to jump in and stake a significant claim to it, sometimes with a claim of expertise too.

savante said...

Nah, Miss FOMO isn't that bad! We love her to bits!