Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Anthropologie

Now that I have narrowed the field of contractors down to two, perhaps it's time to faithfully draw out detailed plans for the renovation of Hartfield! Literally clapping my hands with glee while I say it. While I have the rough sketch already set in my mind - and a finer hand-drawn design in my files, there's still the need to draft out the trifling minor details such as lighting points and window designs.

Which can be a pain sometimes.

But man, I like it that way.

Makes me wonder whether I've wandered into the wrong field of work since I'm far more interested in fabulous window treatments than my actual work. Perhaps I should have thought harder about my initial interest in interior design. Ah, always the road not taken.

Still... having a new home has my creative juices all flowing as I fill up several pages of notepads with ideas and sketches. Pretty sure half of the fanciful frills won't come into actual fruition since there's always a pragmatic budget to watch for - and the lack of proper workmanship here does put a crimp on my fanciful plans somewhat.

Paul : I want the tabletop to be curved in an S shape.
Carpenter : Can.
Paul : A real S-shape, yeah.
Carpenter. Straight?
Paul : S shape. Let me sketch it for you.
Carpenter : Not straight?
Paul : Do you even know what's a curved S?

And... of course after the long, complicated explanation along with the aforementioned drawing complete with size specifications, the trite, unimaginative blokes here would give me the usual hackneyed rectangular tables we see in chain stores everywhere.

Kat : Oh my it looks lovely.
Paul : I asked for a spiral staircase.
Kat : Oh.
Paul : And they gave me a staircase with a shell beach spiral banister. 

Of course my plans are to fill up the rooms ala Anthropologie - which is basically dumping all the rubbishy junk I've carted home from various exotic locales around the world. And believe me, I have quite the enviable collection of whosits and whatsits galore. You want a thingamabob? I seriously have twenty. Finally a place to store all my loves and obsessions.

Though I fear it - even with all the rooms full of cabinets and drawers - it might still not be enough!

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